Here’s what they’re saying about Wigan Live Festival online!

Tweets and facebook posts from guests and artists who played.


“Close up, personal and loud. There’s no escaping the music in Wigan on the day of the festival. Punters poured into venue to soak up the atmosphere of good company, great lager and belting songs. As part of ‘Chase the Day’ we were making the long drive up from London and were greeted with open arms by the organisers and other acts. A proper bon homie of support and camaraderie, the bands were out front to watch each other, dancing in the crowd and everyone was having a great time. Songs of love, hate, heartbreak and happiness from the amazing set of bands, friends were made and stories to be told were lived out. Support your scene, get down to the festival this year. You owe it to yourself.” Chase The Day – Band

We loved playing Wigan festival last year at the old courts, one of the fanciest venues we’ve played and the crowd were great, one bloke even gave us £20 for a £5 album, good lad! An amazing stage, backstage for us to get dressed in our daft costumes and a great green room to get a few drinks down ya before ya get on, cracking! The Working Man – Band

“Such a great atmosphere and brings out a lot of good folk!” – Guest

“I love how different the acts are – but for me the psych and space rock acts are definitely my highlight” – Guest

“It was one of the most enjoyable festivals we played, the atmosphere was incredible, we seemed to get such amazing feedback from the crowd” – Late Night Legacy

“Thanks to Tim Critchley. Enjoyed it last year but even more so this year. Roll on Wigan Live 2017!” – Guest


“Jed is Dead had an awesome evening at the Old Courts on Saturday. Really talented bands and friendly crowd. Thanks for the opportunity to play.”  – Jed is Dead

“Cara had a great time performing at Joes Bar and Casino de Cuba! A massive thanks to Tim who made sure everything was in place! Thanks to everyone who helped get Cara set up in Casino de Cuba.. Nothing was too much trouble! Great crew! Cara thoroughly enjoyed it! We had a fab night!” – Cara Fitzpatrick

 “As always. Great weekend, great atmosphere, great music. Well done guys see you again next year” – Guest

“Aimee thoroughly enjoyed her set at Wigan Central. The crowd were fantastic and the organisation was briliiant. Everyone who helped set Aimee up for her spot were lovely and look forward to performing at many more of your festivals! ?” – Aimee-Lea Smith

” It was fantastic yesterday so many good bands to choose from . A big thank you to Wigan live festival” Guest

” Thank you for having us on,had a great time playing at joes bar on friday and the old courts on saturday :”P” Target:Renegades

“Thanks to everyone who made Wigan Live Festival so amazing last night! ” &  ” Thanks for having us and thanks to everyone for their kind words after our set” Surrounded by Angels

“Thanks to all bands who played at the The Swan and Railway from the Wigan Live festival must do it again soon thanks so much” The Swan and Railway – Venue

“I had THE MOST fun playing at Wigan Live Festival. Both my set at The John Bull Chophouse and my second at Wigan Central were great. Awesome volunteers helping with the fest, awesome staff at both venues, and incredible crowds.
Hopefully I’ll be back in Wigan very soon! ” Dog Coffee

“Many thanks to you guys, Tom the sound guy and the bar staff for our set at the Swan & Railway! We had a blast.” Sharp Intake

On Twitter

Guest: @WiganLiveFest And what a brilliant night last night, to say the least. My regards, Gary.
@_Protagonists: Really enjoyed @WiganLiveFest last night. Thanks to everyone that came!
@MeetTheRobots: Thanks to everyone for coming down to @WiganLiveFest and @BoulevardWigan last night! Youz are awesome :D
Guest: I thought the Octavians were very good last night @swanandrailway as part of the @WiganLiveFest
Guest: Great night @WiganLiveFest enjoyed the bands we saw, big up Wigan!!!
Guest: @wigancentral @WiganLiveFest haha thanks so much enjoyed it!! Thank you WLF for putting on such a great event!! x
@ScarletTwenty: Fantastic night @wigancentral @WiganLiveFest Thanks to all the organisers, venue staff & everyone who attended. Scarlet Twenty will be back
@JoJaleel: Brilliant reception at the John Bull Chophouse this afternoon. Big thank you to the team at Wigan Live Festival for having me on this year!
ricmacfeegle: Thanks to the team organising @WiganLiveFest had a cracking time. Also to Rob on the desk at The Boulevard #GreatWork
Guest: Forget Leeds Fest it’s all about @WiganLiveFest tonight
@KyeJonesMusic: Great gig tonight, lots of lovely smiley faces :) wigan live festival, going off all night


Guest: I’ve been in Tudor house all day. well done to the organisers of this. It was fantastic. (Tony an organiser at Wigan Diggers Festival.)

Ben Hesketh – Musician:Fantastic gig with The Nouvelles at Wigan Live Festival!

Guest: I saw Emily Lees at the Raven on Sat night at 8pm… she’s one of the most talented people around, with a beautiful voice and a great range of lovely catchy tunes… a real talent set to go places x

Carrie Simone Birmingham – Musician: Tres had a rockin time at Swan and Railway last night – thanks for having us

Jan Hough – Musician: Fab event for Wigan and a privilege to play at Harry’s bar as a stand in for Pauline B. Great job by the organizers. Ya’s deserve a medal! Jan.x

Somnium: Had a fantastic night at the tudor as part of wigan live festival. Thank you to all who came down to watch us and to dan the sound man and all other contributors.

Call Me When Your Famous Wigan Live Festival THANKS FOR PUTTING US ON !!!!! Great crowd and we had fun playing for your pleasure !!!!

Evoss – Band: So, we’ve just played are best gig so far…it was so enjoyable, we didn’t want it to end. Thanks to everyone who came to see us. Much appreciated!

Guest: Great day on Saturday. Saw performances in The Tudor, The Raven, Little 15 and The Boulevard. Well done to all concerned.

Guest: @WiganLiveFest was really good! Enjoyed there being something different on! The girl in the batman dress in the Raven was brill! #GoodStuff

Mark Irwin – Musician: LOVED playing @WiganLiveFest The people of Wigan really love music and the crowds are always so supportive. Thank you once again Wigan!