Sponsor Wigan Live Festival

There are many sponsorship opportunities available to companies and local businesses at Wigan Live Festival.

Get your company seen by thousands!

We believe that we can provide good quality local marketing at Wigan Live Festival, which is well established and now into it’s 4th year – with audiences growing each year.

Our previous festivals in Wigan became a huge success, helping local businesses including local artists, papers, charities and the music scene in Wigan.

We’ve been featured in local papers and Magazines, as well as around Manchester, a number of online features,  and we’ve been on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Lancashire and Chorley FM.

Feedback from audiences members every year has been fantastic – each venue had a lively set with a range of music that suited a variety of music tastes. This year we intend to make it even bigger – by holding a massive event!

And we’re inviting you to be part of it

This will promote your company across every area of the festival and be beneficial to you.

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