Live Transmission

Alt Rock

Live Transmission – an alternative rock band from Liverpool formed in March 2017. Their style fuses genres of post-punk, hard rock, punk and progressive rock. This gives them a unique yet modern sound to their music.
Callum Byron’s distinctive voice, which can be recognised by anyone, is perfect for leading Live Transmission. It resembles post-punk singers such as Ian Curtis and Ian McCulloch. This is backed up by Sam Hepworth’s unique and talented guitar techniques, which provide the dominant melodic rhythm guitar and catchy solos for lead lines in their original material. Gary Corran’s bass guitar is weaved appropriately into Alan Jacob’s drums, giving the band a tight low frequency. These bass lines also give a solid foundation for the band to build on in their music. Finally, Alan Jacob can fit his outstanding drum skills around each song perfectly, which ultimately has a tremendous impact on the genre and style of the song. His drumming style is influenced by some of the drumming greats such as John Bonham and Alex Van Halen, mixed with his personal favourites, Ronnie Vannucci Jr and Roger Taylor.


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