Live Music Sundays

Fresh from our 5th Wigan Live Festival, we bring you our first live music gig! of the season

4th Sunday of every other month we present to you Live Music at Wigan Central.

A host of fresh artists, with free entry!

Tim Critchley 2:30pm – Tim set up the festiva in 2013 after finishing his music degree. He had a vison of helping new, local talent and helping Wigans music scene to thrive like it used to. Thanks to the birth of Wigan Live Festival we are beggining to see a change in the way the music business uses new artists.

TBC 3:25pm

Winter Hill Rescue 4:15pm – WHR are a duo from Lancashire consisting of guitarist and vocalist Dean Lane and Pianist Chris Grindley. We both have a background in music, as both have played their instruments for many years and we are both very passionate about music.


Tim Critchley