Best Band Award arrives!

Our mission at Wigan Live Festival is to champion great music, supporting new talents in Wigan and beyond. And this is the first step towards recognising and rewarding the great talent we feature on our fantastic stages each year.

We’re proud to announce that this year we will be presenting a new special ”Wigan Live Festival Best Band” debut award.

The bands and artists will be judged based on their performance on the night.

The judges this year will be the festival organisers, with input from venues and audiences

Throughout the festival we will be asking the audiences, the venues and ourselves….
“Who deserves the title and trophy of WLF Best Band 2017!?”

We need your help!

To nominate your favorite band or artist on Twitter, use the hashtag #WLFBestBand – and tell us who you think deserves it.

We will be announcing the winner shortly after the festival ends via twitter and facebook.

Good luck!