Band Interview: Quaintest show on Earth


Why did you pick your band name?

I wanted to create a name that had the allure of an old time traveling circus act or magician. Something to suggest that you are about to be entertained but you’re not quite sure how or in what way. I find the name really sells our quirky side before we’ve even showed up to play the gig

adjective, quainter, quaintest.
having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque:
a quaint old house.
strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way:
a quaint sense of humour.
skilfully or cleverly made.

Who writes the songs, what are they about (if relevant)?

I myself ( Tom ) tend to write nearly all the lyrics as its something i’ve been into since a young age spiralling from an interest in literature along with an interest in songwriters that deal with narrative / creative writing. They tend to be either …

Pastiches – which will imitate the character or style of an artist or genre

( Since She Came Along ) This song explains how someones life is ‘solved’ by finding himself a woman on a night out using a variety of overused mundane cliches, this pastiches a rock n roll pop song and basically highlights how ridiculous some of the premises and language of that genre can be whilst still maintaining a sense of optimism/ endearment.

‘ Then they hit that record you said ”hey! thats my favourite song” and before i could say ditto bucko’ baby we were jiving along”

Narratives – a story or scenario explained through a sequence of events

( Tequila Mockingbird ) After being wrongly accused for a crime he did not commit and incarcerated for life a man begins to blur the lines of his reality. After being rewarded for good behaviour with one book ( To Kill A Mockingbird ) he begins to obsess over it with little else to do gradually becoming unsure which reality he is living in.

‘ They said if i was quiet and learnt to toe their line they’d let me in the library and they’d let me take my time – so i rummaged for an hour and I had a detailed look but they never cared to tell me i could only ever take one book”

Abstract writing – ( Goodnight Mister Tom )

Tries to express the toils of dealing with life’s ups and downs after a recent loss and how you can never truly replace that person but you’ll hold onto what you’ve learnt and experienced from them.

” Never sailed to sea in a shoe before never flown a kite to the moon, never picked the pockets of a prince before; never made it out of my cocoon”

Also a look into how some people metaphorically lay their childhood wonder to rest as they become adults and lose sight of what makes/made them happy

‘Goodnight Mr Tom we’re going to miss you now you’re gone – you’re going back to where you’re from somewhere on high, we laid you out beneath the moon and i’ll probably join you soon if winter isn’t kind’

If you could gig with any musician alive or dead who would you pick?

In terms of a live shows probably Wayne Coyne / The Flaming Lips just for the pure spectacle , excitement and experience. If we could have been Lou Reeds backing band in a gritty downtown New York club in the early 70s that could also work, you could probably replace the name Lou with Waits to the same effect.

How much time do you put into your music per week?

Collectively probably the equivalent of a couple whole days

Any big news this year we should know about?

Our second album ‘Delusions of Grandeur ‘ is being released soon and we’re really excited – we’ve spent over a year on it and thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the mix !


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