Band Interview: Cannon Fodder

Why did you pick your band name?

Matt: It picked us.

Danny: I own a game called Cannon Fodder for the Snes (if you young-uns don’t know; top console of the 90s)

Tom: Also happens to be the name of a play that we wrote in High School – A black comedy about WW2. Had other dodgy names before this one. In the end though, this is the one that meant something to us.

Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Danny: Tom here usually writes the main layout and sends them over to me to twiddle with and sort out my parts. So it’s usually between me and him what songs get brought through to live play.

Tom: Yeah, mostly me and Danny. I tend to get a chord structure, singing melody and lyrics, and then Danny will do his thing and fill in the gaps if you like. Very much a team effort. Matt had a go at writing one a couple of years back, but we don’t talk about that.

In terms of what they’re about, it’s either – wanting to break away from a mundane life full of boring work in jobs you hate, and finding something big, make something of yourself sort of thing. Or – they’re about girls. Mostly about girls.

What is your favourite song that you’ve produced?

Tom: For me, it’s one of my newest ones. It’s called Not Like The Movies. Wrote it for my girlfriend and yeah, pretty pleased with it. Other than that, I do like Sweet Red Haired Honey. Written about an imaginary encounter with a red-haired girl in a bar. Don’t have any real stories about stuff like that so had to make one up…

Danny: So many to choose from… I’d feel big headed if I chose my own… So the best song we’ve produced has to be between either – Sweet Red Haired Honey or Mega Exploding Foetus Of Your Soul.

Mike: There’s a few songs we have that I could mention. I’ll just say that I enjoy working on every song we play. Mega Exploding Foetus Of Your Soul and Maureen have always seemed to please the crowd.

Matt: Mega Exploding Foetus Of Your Soul.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

Danny: The best gigs are the ones that make you feel good no matter how many people are watching. So with that said my favourite was when we supported the lambrettas in Liverpool. We played to about 5 people max, but we put everything into it anyway. That’s what makes the best gigs.

Tom: The Liverpool gig was a goodun actually. Only 5 people in the audience. One of them a girl that Danny managed to pull. That’s probably why he likes it so much. Mine was probably the first gig we ever did outside of School and College. It was upstairs in the Tavern in Wigan. Loved it.

Mike: There’s been some eventful gigs. I love a good atmosphere, and we’ve had the best audiences at venues like the Vanilla Lounge in the centre of town. But, as for my best? We played in a local town community church a few years ago. Sold our own tickets, and marketed it ourselves, a lot of effort went into that performance, and we got an equally encouraging response from our fans.

Matt: Gig in a church up Pem. ‘Cos its the only one we ever got paid for. If you could gig with any musician alive or dead who would you pick?

Danny: I’d play personally with Mitch Mitchell from the Hendrix experience, mainly ‘cos that boy knows his drums. Be nice to have a good play about

Matt: The Beatles would probably be sound to jam with, but a Pink Floyd gig would’ve been immense. I’d play the triangle just so I could concentrate on watching.

Tom: Yeah, the Beatles would be top. Other than that, someone like The Kinks would have been great. Oasis too.

Mike: I started to find passion for music when my dad first taught me my first chords on guitar. Today, I don’t play it as much but I was always inspired by Joe Satriani, a very skilled and talented instrumentalist and music producer. If he asked me to play drums for one of his gigs, as a musician, I’d be more than honoured.

Any big news this year we should know about?

Danny: Playing the Wigan Live Festival of course! Also we’re all going on holiday together for the first time soon. Not that you need to know that.

Matt: Fallout 4 is finally coming out

And anything extra to add?

Tom: Just cheers for having us really. Roll on August, and hope you enjoy it!

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