Where Fires Are
Artist NameWhere Fires Are
GenresAlt Rock

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‘Explosive, intricate Alt Rock.’
– Q Magazine

‘…a whirlwind of high-powered, introspective rock, complete with galvanising riffs and dulcet vocals… there’s an incredible element of theatricality to them in the sense that each track is so intricately woven together, and performed with such fire and intensity… it’s all but impossible to look away. The band appeared completely lost in the music throughout the entirety of their set, which was beautiful to see…’
– Fiction is not Imagination

‘Where Fires Are are an almost perfect balance between emphatic alternative rock and more sedate, ponderous aspects. Elements like very melodic vocal arrangements and likewise bass guitar put them head and shoulders above most other bands in the genre.’
– We Plug Good Music

‘Imagine Biffy Clyro going topless and then working on a tune with Bastille before bashing it out in a lock up during an intermittent power cut. Salivating yet? Slick pop melodies, huge riff heavy chops and the kind of chorus the will see semi-naked indie kid flung about festival crowds with enthusiasm and not a thought for health and safety all summer long. Infectious, fun, a huge sound and the kind of tune that makes me want to go on a big night out. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.’
– Listen With Monger

‘Their huge sound is stadium-bound – driving, finely crafted guitar anthems… angular riffs, soaring vocals. Where Fires Are boast an authentic vibe that they deliver with acute pride.’
– Bang The Drum Magazine

‘The group are volcanic and could easily fire up huge stadiums through their untameable energy… a must see band.’
– Sounds of an Eccentric

‘They have great (really great) songs and a performance level to surpass anything currently on the tour circuit.’
– The Indie Project

‘Music that is full of energy while carrying a high emotional and hard-hitting message.’
– Beat2aChord

‘…a more polished, frenetically-driven brand of alt rock; their incendiary live shows serving to bolster an arsenal of already anthemic proportions.’
– Scruff of the Neck





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