Artist Namericmacfeegle
GenresOriginal Country Blues

ricmacfeegle Biography

Country blues singer songwriter interspersed with a little cheeky northern folk.
He’s been song writing and performing for over 15 years now as a solo artist along with various collaborations and even a stint in a country rock band.
Ric first picked up the ukulele on honeymoon in Hawaii in 2009 and has been gradually introducing it into his performances over the past 3 years before moving to focus on ukulele as ricmacfeegle in 2015 with a string of festival appearances and his first CD ‘Pies, Love & Ukulele’. 2016 saw the release of his second CD ‘Iron Butterfly’ with a new album in the pipeline.
Expect story based songs in deep vocals with intricate finger picking, riffs, solos, loops and effects to give a big sound on just 4 strings.
Prolific songwriter with random influences from B.B King to Gogol Bordello, Tom Lehrer to Brad Paisley. All can be heard in his songs from the deep country of ‘Little Better Man’ and ‘The Porch Light’ to the downright cheeky and silly ‘Price of Vanity’ or ‘When the Bomb Drops’ (a song about towels and cheap hotels).
Keep track of upcoming shows and songs at www.reverbnation.com/ricmacfeegle





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