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S  T  O  R  Y
‘Guitar minimalism with beautiful folding legatos.’
–  For The Loath
My name is Heidi.
Camera Skills: #Gedcamera
Influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Tori Amos combine with a true individuality to form the unique vocal style of the newest addition to the Manchester music scene. Bourne of the city’s thriving open mic circuit, Stockport indie-folk singer/songwriter, Heidi Dewhirst offers up an eclectic melange of sweetness and melancholy to the parapet. Having spent a good portion of her formative years travelling, she is a truly free-spirited individual whose bohemian air shines through in her undulating melodies and meaningful writing. With themes centering often on heartache and lost loves, her lyrics are thought provoking yet memorable, and there’s an ever so slight hint of pop and soul here and there, keeping the listener humming away for days after hearing her tunes.

Heidi’s debut EP, Like You Me was released independently, 19th November 2015, on Bandcamp.





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