Artist Interview: Calvin Snape

Who writes the songs, what are they about ?

In my last band, I co-wrote the songs with the other singer.

Obviously solo, I write my own stuff.

And most of my songs are about girls and love (go figure)

What is your favourite song that you’ve produced?

My favourite song has to be Great Escapes, that I wrote with my last band Pray For The Weekend.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

That would have to be at last years Wigan 10K. There was so much excitement and energy in the crowd, and we just fed off it. It was amazing!

If you could gig with any musician alive or dead who would you pick?

Can I pick one of each?

Alive: Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Dead: George Harrison from The Beatles

How much time do you put into your music per week?

I try to play at least an hour or two a day, and just write when I get inspired.

Any big news this year we should know about?

I’ve got a new band on the horizon, keep an eye on my Facebook for more details!

And anything extra to add?

If anyone wants to send me song requests for my set, I’ll be happy to consider them!

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