Wigan Live is a free festival hosted from all the venues in Wigan Town Centre, helping us build a better community!

To get the full ‘Wigan Live Festival Experience’ we highly recommend that you try visiting most of the venues. Think of it as a musical pub crawl and you’ll be on your right track!

If there was ever a time to pub crawl it around some of the best selected venues in Wigan.



This year – our 6th – will be in August and let’s face it, how often can you walk from pup to pub knowing there will be some of the best live music you have ever heard on in it, from Rock to classical, flamenco to pop, just open your ears and try absorbing some new sounds!

Wigan Live Festival is a free festival and a non-profit organisation, run by a close knit group of loyal and enthusiatic volunteers, and headed by Tim, who have a real passion for music and live events in Wigan. We do this every year for free.

Any money that will be earned will be by donations from you at our gigs. Any money raised is split between our chosen charity and making this festival better for you next year.

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